Daniel Ricciardo


  • Country - Australia 
  • World championships - 0 
  • Highest race finish - 1 (x7)
  • Highest grid position - 1 (x3)
  • Podiums - 29 

“Sometimes you’ve just got to lick a stamp and send it” are the words of Daniel Ricciardo in regards to overtaking and there aren’t many better to learn about the art than this man himself. 

With a reputation as one of the toughest to defend against, his race craft is impressive but not just his craft in overtaking. Monaco 2018 showed a different side of his race craft, as he managed to hold off Sebastian Vettel despite having a loss of power through a large part of the grand prix. 

That Monaco win was just one of seven impressive race victories for him with Red Bull, but come the end of that season Ricciardo believed it was time for a new challenge. 

His move to Renault shocked the Formula One community but only time will tell as to if it becomes the right move for Daniel considering how impressive Red Bull have been. Renault underperformed in Ricciardo’s debut season, but 2020 is a whole new year and one that gives him a new team-mate - the young Esteban Ocon.