Who Want's An F1 Team?

Who Want's An F1 Team?


It seems it's all but too true now after the Manor team appears online for sale!...



For almost everyone reading this article the likely hood you're able to go out and buy the team is next to none, but if your like me that hasn't stopped you imagining what it might be like if you could.


Could you imagine it! Your own design, your own car, pit crew and drivers with only the problem of a couple million pounds in your way (and by couple I mean x50).


so what do you get if you buy the team?!


  • 4 x Manor Racing Formula 1 Rolling Chassis Show Cars (2015/2016)
  • 2017 Manor Formula 1 Wind Tunnel Model (6:1)
  • Pit Lane Equipment
  • Manor Racing Drivers and Race Team Clothing & General Merchandise
  • Test Jigs, Engineering & Inspection Equipment
  • Large Quantity of Consumables
  • 5 x Formula 1 Car Steering Wheels
  • 2014/2015/2016 Car Parts to include 3 x Tubs, over 200 Wheel Rims, Tyres, Nosecones, Panels, Engine Covers, Rear Wings etc.
  • 2 x Pop Up Trailers and Hospitality Trailer
  • Gazebo’s, Banner Boards, Flight Cases & Freight Cages
  • Office Furniture and I.T.


Not too shabby! At-least you get a lot of gear for your money and I'm sure you could find another use for 200 wheel rims!...


However, aside from how amazing it would be to own and run the team, the sale signify's another sad time within the sport as another team is lot due to financial instability.


it also brings up the re-accruing problem of F1 distribution system and how difficult it still is to operate successfully in, even with a incredibly deep pockets. 


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