Max Backtracks On Brazilian Comment

Max Backtracks On Brazilian Comment


Max Verstappen has apologized after his comments aimed at Massa struck a bad cord with the driver and fans alike.... 


The young Max Verstappen made headlines this week but not thanks to his driving.


Instead, comments the young Dutchman made after the Bahrain GP were brough under scrutiny. Max was quoted as saying (referencing Brazilian driver Felipe Massa) 


"Well, he's a Brazilian so there's not much to discuss".


Evidently I shouldn't have to go into too much detail as to why the remark upset quite few people, none the less Max made a public apology on the matter after privately apologizing to Massa first.


"I feel like I need to clarify my remarks that were made after this weekend's qualifying session," Verstappen Explained.


"Being a passionate racer, I was very disappointed with my last stint and gave an emotional reaction that was taken out of context"

"By no means did I mean to insult the Brazilian people who I greatly respect and are always very nice to me when I visit the country. One of the highlights of my career was last year's Brazilian GP and it was extra special to do this in the country that brought us legendary drivers such as Senna, Fittipaldi and Piquet"

"I would like to apologise to any Brazilians that feel offended and look forward to racing in your country again."

Clearly, Max was clearly shook up by the reaction he received for his comments, I doubt he believed a short lapse of judgement would cause such a uproar.


However, Massa has come out to say he has forgiven the young driver, saying the two have a good relationship and were even joking around the track at Bahrain!


"To be honest, maybe he was a little bit too hot after the qualifying and he said things that maybe you are not supposed to say," Massa revealed. 

"I believe he will not say it anymore. But I get on with him very well, so I have no problem with him and to be honest I was just joking with him in the drivers' parade and I think he understood because after he came and said sorry and I think that's the way you need to be"

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