Lance Stroll - Rolling With The Times

Lance Stroll - Rolling With The Times


Williams young prodigy Lance Stroll says he won't focus on his DNF's but instead look to the future and how he can improve.....


It hasn't gone well for the newbie on the scene, Williams driver Lance Stroll. 


After entering every race thus far, he has yet to finish a single one. Ultimately ending every race with a DNF.


But the Canadian says he will not dwell on the past or the mistakes he has made, but instead it will look to use the on track problems to ensure he can get up the grid later in the season. 


"It has just been unlucky," Stroll Explained.


"Brake failure in Australia, there was nothing I could do about that. China was just one of those things that happens in racing and Bahrain was very unlucky. It is as simple as that"


"But we cannot dwell on that – we cannot look at it in a negative way. We need to look on the bright side"


"There have been a lot of positives to take out of the first couple of races and there have been things to improve on, and we know we are improving every race"


"We need to keep going. It is still a really long season ahead: we haven't got to Europe yet which will be a lot easier for myself as it is tracks I've raced on in the past"


"But I am focused race by race, frustrated by what happened on Sunday but I cannot dwell on it, I need to get over it and move on."

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