Grosjean - “I don’t really set goals”

Grosjean - “I don’t really set goals”


Romain Grosjean says he isn’t going to focus on ‘goals’ this season but instead will simply try to improve himself and do his ‘best’....


Romain Grosjean had a difficult time near the end of the 2016 season, struggling to find a team he suited.


Although he finished 13th which is an admirable score for a relatively new racer, he was not happy with the result so is instead changing up his plan this season.


“I don’t really set goals,”  Romain explained.


“Let’s see how it goes”


“We’ll do our best and, hopefully, we’ll remember it as well as Australia 2016.”


Although, after testing, you could already see a major improvement from the French-Swiss driver as well as Haas itself which could turn out to be a much better pairing than once thought.


“It went well,”  Romain continued.


“You could really see a difference from last year when we had our first winter test. The team was much more ready, everyone knew what they had to do”


“We had a few small problems, as you would expect, but generally everything was sorted very quickly. We got some mileage that was very good. Everyone was back to work discovering the new car. It went well”


“I don’t think you’re ever fully prepared to go to Australia with only four days driving the new car. It’s the same thing for everyone, so we have to make the most of it.”

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