Brawn And The Elephant In The Room

Brawn And The Elephant In The Room


Ross Brawn was brought in by liberty media to try and quell  some of the continuing problems in the sport....


In hopes of rectifying the distribution system in Formula 1 as well as many other underlying problems, Brawn hopes that preparing early can help avoid the any problems with the teams and any ensuing arguments. 


"There's always going to be differences of opinion, there's going to be different views on things and things sometimes get a bit heated,“ Brawn Explained.


"But at the core of it, there's lots of willingness to co-operate


"The elephant in the room, we all know, is distribution of funds, and the discussions need to start on that so that everyone knows where everyone stands and we can start to find solutions”


"We don't want to have a Mexican standoff in 2020 to see who's 'chicken', that's what happened last time."

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