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Sir Max The Humble

Max Verstappen has taken a step forward in the name of pretentious formula one drivers…..



It seems Max Verstappen has impressed the bosses of the bulls after a flight mix-up left him sitting in a very awkward place.


Now, assuming most of you readers have been on a plane, you will remember business class (and first) as being those beautifully spacious, eloquently designed seats they tantalisingly walk you past on entry.


For any of you who have been lucky to enjoy your time in the air, sitting in one of the aforementioned seats you will know how much of a stark contrast they are to that of the economy class.


However, Max showed his humility when a flight attendant told him his seat in business had been double booked so he would have to sit in economy, better still, the seat right next to the toilets!


“Max is very, very good – and he’s so enthusiastic about everything. He’s like a Labrador puppy that just wants to get into everything” Team principle Christian Horner explained.


“Whether that’s the history of the sport, whether that’s what’s going on in the junior formulas, or in karting, he loves his racing. He feels privileged to be a Formula 1 driver”


“There was an instance earlier in the year where flights from Montreal ended up getting double-booked and there were no business class seats available. So he ended up having to sit down by the toilets in economy.”


With others, it would’ve been a major issue, but [with Max] it was no issue at all. We got: ‘No problem, if that’s what’s available, I’ll do it, I’ll go down there’. And I think that’s what’s so refreshing about him. It’s just enthusiasm for being a Formula 1 driver and doing what he does.“  

Christian was clearly impressed by the driver’s ability to shrug off the issue, as apposed to the typical snooty celebrity look.


Now I’m not one to moan about seating arrangements, but even still I probably would have been a little bit sour after not only loosing business class but being stuck next to the lavatory…

Author: Cian

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